Just Juice

Just Juice is a multi-award winning e-liquid business headquartered in Preston UK and it has the quick fill ranges as well as the nicotine salt ranges to taste check.  

A few mates-Carlos and Andy at about the same time quit smoking-formed the company. Back then, they took a peek around at the juice on offer, and figured they should do more. 

Because of their tremendous popularity, all of you seem to assume they've – as though my hard-to-please taste buds approve – we'll see that . 

We know how famous this collection of e-liquids is, and we decided to send them a blast.  

By now we do not like them at all, you've already twigged.  

Way too convenient – much too syrupy and, to say the least, I can imagine they 're serial coil killers. 

I can definitely caramelize all those sugar sweeteners very easily in your coils and consume stock coils much faster.  

I applied a good shot to the Blood Orange taste for the record and left it with the expectation of getting the pressure off the sweetness for 2 days.  

Unfortunately it didn't make any difference at all. 

Know taste is subjective and e-liquid Just Juice sells by the lorry truck-it 's really not for me.  

A case of death by a thousand sugar buckets. 

Have you tested the variety of Just Juice?