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Disposable Devices

Simple And Easy To Use

There are various disposable devices to use, The benefit with these is you just pick a flavour and vape, It's that simple really...! No complicated setup or refilling once you've used it all you throw it away and use another one. Cost is another benefit from these types of devices, they are cheap to buy.
They come in 20mg Nicotine salt which is good for people who are trying to quit smoking and need the nicotine to help stop the craving. Also being a Nicotine Salt it's a lot less harsh on your throat.
They also come in a variety of good flavours from the traditional tobacco flavours as well as mint and menthol which really help when stopping smoking, To the tasy flavours of Apple or Grape.
So it's just a case of finding which device you like and trying some flavours out.

Nicotine Salt gives a smother throat hit because it has a lower PH level. Also it seems to be more effective for smokers who are looking for stronger nicotine effect. Due to the effectiveness of Nicotine Salt there is no need for large high powered devices. The rate at which Nicotine is absorbed is much faster when vaping compared to a cigarette.

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N-One Disposable Pods

N-One Disposable Pods in 6 new Amazing Flavours, These sleek disposable pods are a great little device to carry around with you on the go, 2ml Capacity filled in the UK, 300 Puffs per Pod, 20mg Nicotine Salt for a smoother vape.
With a total of 12 flavours which should more than satisfy your flavour needs. the new flavours consist of Hizen Blue, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, Rainbow Fizz and Creamy Tobacco.
Original flavours are Tobacco, Menthol, Ice Mint, Ice Mango, Black Ice and Berry Blast.
They come with a 350mah battery which is the largest on the market for a dispossable pod system like this.
These are the best value on the market you can get today.

Geek Bar Disposable Pod

The GeekVape Geek Bar disposable e-cigarette device features an internal 500mAh battery, and contains 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid offering up to 575 puffs. Available in a wide range of flavours, the Geek bar disposable pod has a constant power output and consistent taste system for a truly satisfying vape experience.

POD Kits

Also great are Pod Kits, These are good for new vapers to experienced vapers and come in alot of different styles and different power modes available to suit everyone. These are simple to use and setup and start are low prices to get you started. They can be used with Nicotine Salts or Normal E-Liquid, From 50/50VG/PG to 70/30 VG/PG.

We offer a great bundle deal for the popular RPM40 Kit to get you started with a Kit spare coils and a juice.

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Smok Acro Kit

Breaking through itself to explore more possibilities, the ACRO elevates the pod system to the next level of performance, functionality, and portability. It perfectly combines draw-activation and button triggering to provide you with a more preferred starting mode.

This max 25W pod device comes with two meshed pods, which work in conjunction with adjustable air inlets, allowing you to obtain satisfying flavor and vapor at will. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

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