Joyetech Procore Atomizer Coils

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The Joyetech Aries ProC1 and ProC1-S Atomiser Coils are made with premium-grade materials, with high-quality Kanthal resistance wire wrapped around 100% pure, pollutant-free Japanese organic cotton. The Joyetech Aries ProC1 Atomiser Coils are available in 0.25 ohm and 0.4ohm resistance. The 0.4-ohm ProC1-S is designed for direct-to-lung vaping, while the 0.25 ohm ProC1 heads are intended for mouth-to-lung hits. Joyetech Procore C2-C3 Atomiser Heads. Designed to fit the ProCore Aries tank these heads offer low resistance, large e-liquid intakes and copious airflow. The ProCore Atomiser heads are perfect for vapers who like to directly inhale and create large vapour clouds.

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