Candy King Twin Pack - Bubblegum Collection - 3 for £24

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£9.49 £19.99


Blue Razz

A sweet pairing of intense flavour, crafted with plump blue raspberries bursting with juice and paired with sweet sugary candy to form a chewy bubblegum bonanza.


A deep flavourful E-Liquid featuring the juicy flavours of sharp dark grapes aerated and blended with a base of sweet bubblegum candy. This vape has a sweet sharp taste with a moreish aroma to match.


A light and refreshing mixture of freshly sliced cooling watermelon combined with a sweet base of fruity bubblegum candy. This vape doesn’t only taste great but has a delectable aroma to match.

Pink Lemonade

A delicious combination of fruity juice filled strawberries and raspberries blended with cool citrus lemonade and topped off with chewy pieces of sweet bubblegum.


A tangtastic blend of tropical goodness featuring the flavours of plump aromatic mangoes combined with a hint of guava and topped off with sweet fragments of bubblegum.

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