Nicotine Salts and NIC Salts


Both Nicotine Salts and Nic Salts are the latest trending things in the vape market. Nicotine salts have become this much famous that brands are presenting their own version of best-selling flavors. By name, it seems that it’s a kind of salt but in reality, it is not. Actually, it is an e-liquid, but it is differs a bit from normal e- liquid due to its structure. Unlike the normal freebase nicotine e-liquids, it provides a smoother throat hit, which allows it to be vaped at higher nicotine strength without resulting in throat irritation or coughing. Nic salt e-liquids travel faster to the blood stream than traditional ones, providing a rapid nicotine fix.  Nic salts have made switch from smoking much easier.

Procedure to use Nic Salts

Nicotine salt goes best with lower wattage vape kits and they are not costly at all which makes the switch from smoking a lot cheaper as the device ranges from 20-30 pounds and Nic salt e-liquids too cost only 3.5-5 pounds.

Gains and losses of Nic Salt

Nic salts are economical and last for a long period plus a rapid nicotine fix means that switchers will vape less. Being less intrusive, there is also a stealth element of using beginner kits and pod devices with Nic salt. At higher nicotine strength they do not have the peppery flavor which makes them better than nicotine e-liquids.

For a dual consumer who is a beginner vaper, there could be an excessive intake of nicotine which would numb your taste buds and you would face difficulty in tasting flavors.


It is a great switch for cigarette smokers and also who vape excessively as they need something less intrusive to take pleasure. Vapeazy has a great collection nicotine salt e-liquids and we suggest to give it a look.