10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

For the betterment of your Own Health

Primarily, abandon smoking for the sake of your own health. Tobacco cigarettes are comprised of dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide which result in deterioration of your health and cause several diseases such as strokes, various cancers - so the quicker you leave smoking the more it is better for you.

Save your money

An average smoker smokes 20 cigarettes in day which costs a staggering 3500 pounds a year whereas an average vaper is approximated to spend less than 300 pounds a year.

Say hello to a pleasant smile

Cigarettes are ought to cause unattractive yellow stains on not only your teeth but your fingernails as well so saying goodbye to cigarettes could be a welcome to pearly white teeth.

Guard your loved ones

Not only you but your loved ones are also getting affected by smoking. A research conducted by Cancer Research UK demonstrates that second hand-smoke causes a surprising 11,000 deaths in UK annually. Children are most vulnerable to it and opting to quit smoking will be actually be beneficial for your family.

Say no to stinky clothes and hair

The clothes and hair of a regular smoker are always stinking, and non-smokers try to avoid such people.

Premature ageing

Regular smoking can cause a negative impact on your skin as it results in wrinkling, pale or even yellowing skin.

Could possibly be an end to snoring

Snoring is a big problem observed in most smokers and studies suggest that quitters have experienced a decrease in its loudness or a complete halt to it.

Stop feeling lethargic every day

Quitting smoking can help you feel more energetic and blood circulation also boosts up.

To improve your immune system

Getting rid of this injurious habit can regenerate your immune system which would aid you in fighting off infections like cold& flu.


Once a person is addicted to smoking cigarettes, he simply does not find it easy to give this habit up. People tend to dislike this habit and all the person could do is harm himself both physically and emotionally.