Taking a Ride Back through The History of Vaping

Peeking into its history

Vaping dates to the ancient history, with Egypt being the most well-known for its ancient methods, such as utilizing heated stones to make herbs for vape. About thousand years ago, shisha first came into existence in India and all those procedures and methods employed together led to the making of present-day vapes.


Who invented the modern-day e-cigarette?

The present-day vaping has its roots in primitive times. Although, Herbert Gilbert made vaping famous, in 1963, with his “smokeless  non-tobacco cigarette”, but originally it was Joseph Robinson, in 1927, who proposed the idea of e-cigarette. The first present-time e-cigarette was created by a Chinese company, in mid-2000s, known as Hon Lik.


History of Vaping

Nicotine is described as one of the most famous, socially bearable and well-liked drugs of many people. Many people sought several ways to consume it- either by smoking, vaping, chewing or applying it on their skin. Even knowing about how hazardous it could be, many people still consume it. Nicotine is present in tobacco, which is usually blended with marijuana while ingesting alcohol.

Many people’s addiction to alcohol have been satisfied with bongs, hookahs, etc, but residing in a society influenced by technology, vaporizers have become a latest trend with various flavors available.

Vaporizing roots back to the 5th century B.C. as Herodotus narrates that people used hot stones to heat herbs and oils for vaping. We must believe him as orator Cicero labeled him as ‘the Father of History’.

About 1500 years back, Irfan Sheikh came up with the idea of shisha which was later introduced to India by his dynasty.

Oriental smoking devices were trendy years back, but now it’s the era of e-fashion.


Commencing of the fashion of electronic pipes, e-liquids


Originally, in 1927, Joseph Robinson suggested the idea of e-cigarette but Herbert A.Gilbert’s name is also associated to vaping who, in 1963, patented this invention.

Could it have saved lives back then? We are not certain as no one knew about it.

Phil Ray and Normal Jacobson tried to commercialize the e-cigarettes in the 80s but failed as the FDA didn’t permit them.

Vaping became famous in Europe and in the 90s and Bill Amato went on to invent the cannabis vaporizer in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, German stationary/desktop vaporizer was also built on his revolutionary ideas.


Modern history of vaping

These happenings became the reason of invention of vapes which we know as of today. In 2000s, Hon Lik created the very first e-cigarette which his employer, Ruyan Group, helped him promote. An interesting but a sad fact is that his father’s death due to lung cancer led him to this creation.

In 2007, the first e-cigarette emerged in the US and soon became a hit. Since then, many alterations have been made to e-cigarettes, remembering in mind the brothers, Umar and Tariq Sheikh, who customized the e-cigarettes as suggested by the customers and invented cartomizer.


Present-day Vaporizers: Elements and how vapes function

You should know about some of the necessary components of vape when selecting it.


Battery is the element which gives it the name ‘e’ which stands for electronic. An LED lights up when battery is activated, which is done by either pressing a button(manually) or by inhaling(automatically). You should be equipped with info about vape explosions and should handle it properly. Lastly, several charges are obtainable in the market.



Atomizers are connected to the battery and they vaporize your vape’s liquid. When it’s heated enough, it gives a nicotine hit, which is the main reason of many people to vape. Atomizer goes with a coil which is powered by a battery. In absence of clearomizer of cartomizer, it undergoes a dripping method which helps you savor its true flavors. This happens because the liquid drips directly from the tank on to the atomizer. However, one of its disadvantages is that it needs to be refilled frequently.

Sometimes there are complications and few elements are between atomizer and the tank, but we just need to concentrate on the contrasts between atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers.



Cartomizers are attached directly to the battery and keep on heating your preferred e-juice until a vapor is formed. Adding on, a polyfill around the heat coil helps in heating for lengths. This attribute is a key benefit when contrasted with an atomizer.



Being the latest and newest on the market, they are great for first timers and help you control your vape as you can see-through the liquid tank. They have a prolonged lifecycle and their wick formation gives you a fine taste. However, its setback is that it’s very costly.


Cartridge and Tanks

They contain your nicotine liquids and you should maintain a distance between vaporizers and kids as nicotine can be hazardous. E-juice and e-liquids come in several flavors, some of which apart from nicotine and flavors are propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG). Both have their advantages and disadvantages but if you want to prevent some common side effects like dry and sore mouth, you better choose VG.



It is the most simple but essential thing as we use it for inhaling.


Vaping in future times

Vaping dates way back to the history, and it is because of primitive practices that we have vape devices available everywhere, ranging form a local gas station to a reputable website. Vaping can be adjudged as a social device as it brings friends together or you can have a talk about vaping with former smokers. Variety of flavors makes vape entertaining. Moreover, rechargeable and refillable kits can be cost savers.

However, some diseases such as dry mouth, dizziness are also associated with vaping. Vape’s popularity is raising eyebrows as the younger ones could get into it. Following this, many nations have imposed a ban on vaping, but it still has a long future ahead.

Before you fully immerse yourself in this delightful experience of vaping, please be aware of the vaping zones and choose the perfect blend of flavors for you.