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Dr Drizzle eLiquid is the latest addition to a number of vape juice line ups by Flawless. This range is identified as “Gourmet Ice Cream e-liquid” unquestionably we know why this is! Having tasted the range we can tell you that it is a must for all ice cream or dessert fans. The uniqueness of the flavour concentrates used speaks volumes. All this yumminess in a 120ml short fill e-liquid bottles. Overall, Flawless have smashed this one out of the park once again. Altogether an amazing juice line for sure.

Banana Split

This e-liquid is certainly like eating the real thing without putting on the kilos! The ripest bananas have been picked and cut into half. The the wizards have added some gourmet vanilla ice cream to sit on top finished with a cherry. Certainly a winner!

Cherry Changa

Juicy red cherries picked at the right moment for its flavour have been whisked with fresh whipped cream. Lastly, they have even thrown on some sprinkles to sweeten the exhale.

Mint Choc Chip

A classic in a bottle of e-liquid simply put. The gourmet mint ice cream has the hidden chocolate chips popping out from everywhere. Undoubtedly a deserving flavour to be in your vape tanks!

Rad Blue Raz

This e-liquid is a carbon copy of the ice cream cones we used to get from the ice cream van parked at the end of the road. The fresh and thick vanilla ice cream is covered in sweet blue raspberry sauce. You will be impressed indeed.

Raspberry Ripple

As per above, this one once again is the gourmet vanilla ice cream infused with lashes of raspberry sauce. Overall, this one is a winner.

Strawberry Screwball

A more of a complex vape which has been executed perfectly. We all know what a screwball brings, well this is no different. Once again the winning recipe of the vanilla ice cream is drizzled with fresh strawberry sauce. The treat here is the subtle bubble-gum undertone you will taste.

Toffee Twister

Sweet tooth vapers your attention is required on this one! Without a doubt, a classic winner for sure. Lavish, gourmet vanilla ice cream has been infused with sweet toffee syrup.

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