Feoba Big Bar - 6000 - 20mg



FEOBA Big Bar 6000 is the ultimate TPD-compliant 6000 puff vape starter kit designed to elevate your vaping experience in flavour and longevity. This vape device is perfect for those seeking a long-lasting vape experience without limits. The Big Bar 6000 pod kit combines an rapidly recharging 1750 mAh battery, cutting-edge HBS (hydraulic balancing system) and premium storage cotton-free mesh design for an e-liquid vaporisation unlike any other. Not only does this design ensure protection against dry hits, but it also boosts its exquisite flavour and puff count and adjusts air pressure, making it super convenient to use. In addition to its user-friendliness, this kit is perfect for vapers of any level and on the move, as it sports a one-click readiness and rapid rechargeability. 

Key Features
TPD-Compliant 10ml Auto-Refilling E-Liquid Container
Massive Volume of 6000 Puffs
Vast 1750 mAh Battery rechargeable via USB Type-C
Precision Flow HBS E-Liquid Optimisation
Innovative Storage-Cotton-Free Mesh Coil Design
One-Click Readiness

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